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Creating an Open Source platform nowadays is a reachable goal for most programmers and entrepreneurs out there. However, the challenge becomes more difficult when you have to promote it on Youtube. Without the help of professional services like you will have to struggle a lot, especially in the beginning. We are here to help you with a few tips that will ease your journey and help you become a leading authority in this field! Ready? Lets go!


When you finish your open source platform and release it online, you make it freely available for everyone. It means that you rely on word of mouth and user experience to enhance the viability of your platform. You can hardly afford to invest any money in its promotion, unless you choose to explain it in a video, buy Youtube views and increase its popularity.

Presenting your open source platform in a Youtube video should be your first option on the list of promotion strategies. The video-sharing network allows you to reach a substantial audience and help users get a sneak preview of the abilities and benefits of the software that you have created.


When you advertise an open source platform on Youtube it is essential that you do it as if you were selling it, even if everybody can access it for free. In this regard, the way the video looks, the way the foreground voice sounds like and the tone that you use are essential.

If you consider that you do not have the advertising presence of a successful promoter, you can ask or hire an actor to do it for you. Using the right approach, one that excites viewers and makes them click on the backlinks that you offer should be your priority. The worse thing that you can do is present your open source platform with a lethargic background voice and a boring presentation that will have most users switch off during the first ten seconds of the video.


You might be an exceptional programmer and create state of the art open source platforms, but when it comes to promoting them on Youtube, you need to have visual creativity. Therefore, you will have to invest some time in editing and sprucing up the content that you upload to attract more viewers.

Youtube users are all about visual content. The information that you provide always comes second, and the way you present it is crucial. That is why you should always entertain through your presentations rather than just giving out a long and boring monologue. Put an exciting title, describe the video in an engaging manner and add tags that enhance search engine optimization.


Just because you have only one open source platform in your portfolio, it does not mean that you only need one presentation video on your Youtube channel. On the contrary, you should create several clips of various lengths to promote your software creation. Some of them can be 20-second teasers, while others can be hour-long walkthrough tutorials.

Make sure to optimize your Youtube channel and ask users to subscribe to your regular updates. This method will enhance your visibility on the social network and provide you with a significant chance of earning more support.

Arrange all your promotional videos and clips into playlists that users can watch in a row without ever exiting your channel. This way, you will maintain their focus on your presentation and transform them into long-term followers.


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