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Social media is playing an important role in the marketing field. It is the best, cheapest and effective way to promote any business. Most of the people promote different types of businesses like fabrics, footwear, mobile accessories, electronic devices etc over social media. One of the businesses that also require such kind of promoting platforms and is only be promoted digitally is open source platform services. These services are only required to the people that are connected to any IT field or using some kind of equipment that relates to IT.

The people who provide open source platform services cannot promote their services through other sources except social media. The only need of their business promotion is better promotion features on different social media sites. Most of the social media platform provides multiple promotion features that help open source platform service provider a better way to advertise their services and groom their business in a proper way. One of these social media platforms is Instagram. Instagram offers lots of business promoting features that prove very useful to many businesses. Some of the features are described below:

Video Features. Instagram offers a huge variety of video featuring to promote your business. This is a more effective way of promotion as compared to photo posting. You can post your business promotion video on Instagram by using multiple filters, captions or even tag your business location. Instagram supports 60 seconds long video to be posted. This is a very huge platform for the open source platform service providers to enhance their business by posting an attractive video containing the whole introduction of their business, services, and multiple offers and make the post more attractive by using filters or captions facilities provided on Instagram.

Stories Features. One of the greatest increments to Instagram starting late is the Stories highlight. Stories are like Snapchat in that clients add clasps of video to a story which is visible for 24 hours before it vanishes. You can see Story content the same number of times as you need inside that 24-hour duration. Stories show up as meager circles in the highest point of your devotees' feeds. You can promote your open source platform business by using this feature.

There are more stories features on Instagram such as:

  • Video recording up to 15 seconds
  • Picture seeing up to 10 seconds
  • Boundless story increases
  • Coordinate informing inside Stories
  • Swipe down on the camera screen to open photographs and recordings from your own camera move. You can just access content on your camera move from the most recent 24 hours
  • You can track the aggregate number of perspectives and which clients have seen your substance

Under your Instagram settings, you can also change your Story settings. You can conceal your accounts from specific clients' feeds and alter who can or can't answer to you through direct message.

Push Notifications for your favorite account

As a business, you probably won't consider accepting notices from accounts that you pursue to be a need. But, you totally need your supporters to include notices from you.

Current social clients are getting acquainted with having the capacity to set notifications for things they need to remain educated of, like what number of steps they've set aside that day when they had an opportunity to walk the puppy, and now, when their bestie posts another Instagram story.

In an examination from Localytics, scientists discovered 65% of mobile phone users who chose to get drive notices for an application returned inside 30 days. The investigation additionally found users who empowered pop-up message connected three times more than the individuals who quit.

So, Continuously post the most significant content as much as possible. Ask yourself that is this post something that my users can't survive without? Is this something they totally need to know? If the answer is yes, then you are on the right track.

On the off chance, if your users empower notices for your account, you can count on gaining additional deals when you post about new item dispatches, arrangements, and promotions.

You can use the above-described Instagram features to promote your open source platform service. They will definitely help you to establish your business in an excellent way. If you are confused you can take some help from the experts. They will help manage all the services perfectly.


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